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IT Monitoring
IT monitoring is the process to gather metrics about the operations of an IT environment's hardware and software to ensure everything functions as expected to support applications and services.
Remote Support
Our US-based technician logs in remotely to quickly help fix your technology problem
Home Networking
Wired or Wireless We can help you take your idea to completion. We make home ans small business networking a simple process and keep you connected.

IT Monitoring:

Monitoring is essential to businesses to ensure a necessary system is up and running. Monitoring different aspects of your IT Infrastructure setup can cause a lot of tantrum if not done properly with the right tools.

have a small or enterprise-level configuration, you can’t ignore the monitoring devices. Even if you own a personal website, you need uptime monitoring.

The good thing is Cluster Flux Technology can help you to monitor your infrastructure and notify for any failure. 

Remote Support & Computer Repair:


Everyone is busy running here, there, and everywhere. You don’t always have time, when experiencing a technology issue, to pack up your computer and drive it across town to a computer repair shop.

If your computer is still able to connect to the internet, you can take advantage of our remote support services. Our technology experts to remotely access your device in order to diagnose your technology issue.

Some of the benefits of remote support include:

  • Speedy Resolutions: Our expert technicians can quickly diagnose and begin resolving technology issues so that you can get back to using your equipment.

  • Secure Connection: All connections are password protected, secure, and authorized by you! There is no need to worry about your personal information or lingering connections. You are in complete control.

  • Saves You Time (& Money!): You don’t have to load up your whole computer and drive it to an office or schedule an on-site appointment.

If you are unable to connect to the internet?

Cluster Flux Technologies knows that you need your devices and networks in working order to support all of your business and personal needs. We are able to accurately diagnose the problem and create a plan to get your technology issues solved the first time.

We provide a complete assessment regarding any technology issues that you may be encountering in your business or your home. Some of our most common service requests include the following:

  • Virus removal

  • Hard drive replacements

  • Data recovery

  • Device repair & replacement

  • Software issues

  • Support for all PC’s and Apple products

We want to be your trusted technology advisor and consultant. We specialize and excel in getting your devices repaired, and then making sure they continue to work properly. This gives you the opportunity to focus on other important items while we maintain and improve your technology.


We offer home and small business
 networking services. 
We can set up or maintain
 existing wired or wireless networks, 
set up computers, tablets, printers,
 and NAS (network-attached 
storage). By setting up your 
network, you can share files, printers, 
high-speed internet between
 all connected devices. 
We sell many of the items you
 will need to set up your network, 
including router, computers, hubs, switches,
CCTV systems,  and printers.

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